New VX360º from Vauxhall

At Lindsays we're always looking to offer the best possible service for our customers, and we wanted you to be first to hear about Vauxhall's new VX360°.

VX360° is an innovative system that can be requested FREE as part of your regular service. It enables our expert technicians at Lindsays to capture on film any work that needs doing to your vehicle and share it with you immediately via mobile and email. You'll see exactly what the technician sees, putting you in a position to make your vehicle repair decisions with complete transparency and confidence.

Next time you book your car in with us – whether for an annual service, MOT or just general repairs - ask our team about VX360°.

How Does VX360° work?

1. You book in your car at Lindsays for a service or repair with our expert technicians as usual.

2. We'll share a film of your car repairs via email or text and should there be any urgent or recommended work, we'll provide details and costs.

3. You can approve the work quickly and simply at the click of a mouse or by emailing your service adviser. Ask for VX360° on your next visit.

This service is completely FREE for our customers and we look forward to sharing our view with you.

For more information contact our Service Team today! You can call, make an online enquiry or book your service using our easy-to-use on line booking tool

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